Hi There…

Hi. I’m Christy.

Let’s keep it real. I Googled How to write a blog introduction before I began this. Okay, well, a little bit after. But according to Google, this part is supposed to be pretty boring. I’m supposed to tell you a bunch of  little things, and invite you to my blog, tell a quirky story, be relateable, tall orders for the boring intro.

Anyways, like I said. I’m Christy. Some of my really cool friends call me Christy-Lim. (And that is what I will go by here on my blog.)  My nickname is Six. I love Jesus, my sweet family, my puppies, bows, my spectacles, babies, piano, books, letters, fruit snacks, the Oxford comma, and goldfish crackers. I’m a college student at a small liberal arts college that is close to my hometown, where I study Media and Communication while taking classes in lots of other fun or terrifying subjects in an effort to be well-rounded. I am obsessed with knowing and learning stuff. I am usually on the floor playing with a dog, studying and typing, or taking a nap. I’m trying to be relateable, here. If you can’t relate to any of those things…like, Who doesn’t love babies? Or puppies? Or fruit snacks? Or naps? You probably should take a little nap if you don’t love them right now. Naps are great.
I think I’ve told you who I am! Oooh! I’m also Korean American, a pianist, a nail polish addict, and a blogger, I guess. I’m here because, I too, once was a moody teenager who wanted to start a blog and post deep, introverted things. If that was just me, then, I guess I am no longer relateable. I’ve struggled with keeping my blog alive through  me-changes, growing up, college, and laziness, but lots of crazy things have happened lately that I kind of wanna blog about, so…yay! Growing up, having deep thoughts, Fibromyalgia and its weirdness, the list could go on. I have this quirky side that comes out when I write things, and I love being a conversationalist. I’m a Communication major. We write stuff. Blogs are homework sometimes. And I really like social media. Because like I said, I’m obsessed with thinking and knowing stuff, so this blog kind of fits in with all of that.

A story!  Okay, here is the story behind the name of my blog. My stepdad, who builds Jeeps, watches Hallmark movies, and is a hot dog connoisseur, is called “Foor,” which also happens to be a number. The one that comes after three and before five. A little while after we met, I decided that if I was going to have a name as a number, it would be the number “Six.” No reason why, I just thought “Christy Six” had a nice ring to it, and it has stuck. I think it suits me well, and always get a little excited, still when Foor calls me Six,  which is pretty often. I have other nicknames, I guess, (I’m realizing the list is kind of long when I start thinking about all of them, but that is another post for another day. I love my nickname of Six, and love how it’s tiny, quirky, and happy–to me at least. I told my Mom that my smoothie tasted happy, and she was confused. So maybe not…

As I’ve already said, I love talking, and my goal with my blog is to (hopefully!) be conversational. So, the end! That is how I decided to name my blog! A little piece of who I am, and why I am here, all in the name! Nifty-sauce, right?

Well now that you are here, and you have maybe read this, and hopefully skimmed it, Welcome! Come in! You can even leave your shoes on. It’s casual. But I hope you stay.





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