Fibro Life


noun: fibromyalgia
  1. a chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, and tenderness in localized areas.

At the beginning of this year (2014) I was diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia. Most likely, my fibro is the result of also having a 9.5 lb. cyst on my ovary when I was sixteen (Weirdest trigger ever, right?). Having Fibromyalgia ironically makes it harder for me to sit up straight and type at the computer with this posture for very long, but it also made me want to begin blogging again because I’ve actually worked really hard at having a positive attitude about living with this new, crazy, is-this-real-life thing, and when I started doing searches about people with Fibromyalgia, I discovered that the Internet was filled with people’s stories that were more-or-less sad. Sometimes, Fibromyalgia can make me feel pretty much like junk. I’m not saying that feeling like a little eighty-year-old lady at the age of twenty is something to be happy about, but I’m doing very well with the medicine and routine that I’m on, and I am a professional nap-taker, smoothie=maker, joint-popper, and ametuer yoga-doer now.  It’s always good to learn new things, right?! Thanks, Pinterest.

Having Fibromyalgia as a young person seems kind of strange, but I’m told that it happens…because of all of the depressing news I had heard about living well with Fibromyalgia on the Internet, I haven’t been too thorough in my search. (Who wants to sift through a bunch of depressing posts about what’s not working on a rainy day?)  So I decided I’m just going to write about me, and try to be happy and whantnot, and see what happens. So yay!
My goals with Fibromyalgia are pretty simple, and maybe lofty, but I think I am getting there. I would like to finish college while living life as a normal college student. This means that anything crazy, expensive, or just…not doable (I’m lookin’ at you, gluten-free diet.) are out right now. Because in college, we eat cheese fries and cookies. And ramen noodles while we’re up late studying. None of the above are good choices, but I’ve learned that I absolutely love being a young college girl, and will act like a little old lady some of the time in order to stay that way. Because it’s been the most fun fun fun experience, with many tears and dramatic outbursts also thrown in, ever. It makes me happy. And it’s where I’m s’posed to be. As cliche as that is, I’ve gotta do whatever it takes to stay a college girl for the little bit of time that I’m lucky to have left at my wonderful university.
I’d love to chat in this upbeat manner about Fibromyalgia with anyone who is curious. I’ve learned that it is nice to have someone say, “YES. That happens to me, too!” or “Maybe you can try this–it’s pretty simple…” or just… “Wow…Fibromyalgia is so weird.” whatever.
Leave a comment below if you also live the fibro-life, are interested, or curious, or if you just want to share your thoughts about this post.
*I go more in depth about the story of my life leading up to learning about Fibromyalgia, and what it is like for me as a person in blog posts categorized under Princess and the Pea. Check those out, too!

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